Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A New Low in TV Commercials and Women

As a society we are accepting more and more of "anything goes" and justify it as funny, satirical, just a joke....lighten up.

It apparently wasn't enough for women to be sexualized in commercials, the ad agencies have found a new low.  It apparently wasn't enough to show a women at the drive-in practically making love to her sandwich, or sun bathing on a rock with legs agape to eat her fish sandwich, we now can watch men making fun of the most sacred time in any women's life, being pregnant and/or giving birth. And the product they are selling?  Razor blades...

When do we start making agencies accountable for the messages delivered to our homes on a daily basis. Okay it's TV and I can change the channel. Even doing so doesn't change the content.  One answer is to not have a television in my home. Or maybe it is time to say enough is enough. It doesn't seem to be enough that we are bombarded daily with the antics of the a particular Republican Party presidential candidate and his berating of women we additional get to sit back and watch it in social media, television, radio ads, and news commentary. I don't know about you, but for me I want young men and women to respect each other. When one in four women will experience sexual assault in her life time and one in three children will be sexually abused, we have to start sending clear messages that our bodies belong to us, that the female body is not the play ground for males, or the object of their jokes or puns or satire in the name of entertainment. 

(Since the writing of this blog, the two ads I referenced have been removed.) Following are two of the commercials currently being aired.  You choose, but for me I will be writing them and voicing my personal opinion about the distasteful use of women.