Advertising and Sexual Content

Below are current commercials for Hardee's and Carl Jr which is Hardee's on the west coast.

These "commercials" are broad cast any time of day on all major networks. What if they rated commercials the way they do for movies.  It would seem to me that if companies were faced with having their commercials rated R or even GP 13 it might get someones attention.

Isn't this how we begin to change the social acceptance of sexualizing women and reducing them to no more than a prop in a commercial.  Victoria Secrete would be another one that wouldn't make the PG rating.

At some point we have to start raising awareness to all and start a real viable process of change.  For years we keep accepting and accepting anything put in front of us. Every time someone in our class says "but I am just one person, how can I change society?" I tell them by changing yourself and what you allow in your life and the lives of your families.  Write letters, call companies and tell them you don't approve and do not want you children exposed to these types of messages.

I watched the first commercial at 10:00 am this morning and had to do something. So I am writing to the two people I know that have the ability to make real change. I am hoping there will be others working to change our moral environment to join us.

Here is an example, this is not a PG commercial however it is what our children are seeing every day in our front rooms.

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