Her Silent Prayer

I stand and wipe the tears from my eyes
No one knows, no one to realize
The home I live in is not safe
The bruises are hid and not on my face...
The pain inside, I hide so well
No friends for me, no one to tell...
With family away and will never see
For I keep the secret deep inside of me...
Hiding the pain and living a lie
Never complain and try not to cry...
A part of me dies with each new mark
I'm so afraid as I stand in the dark...
No longer can I take the pain
I am not the one to blame....
This love hurts and should not be
God please send an angel for me...

© Copy rite- Mattie (Deaton) Herald 2001
Winner of the "Editors Choice Award" 2001
Book: A Sublime Remembrance" (ISBN: 0-7951-5065-2)

2002 Update  -  This poem has been donated to the Domestic Violence Network of Greater (DVNGI) Indianapolis for a fundraising project to raise awareness to domestic violence.
The book was published under the name "Hear Our Voices" and is now available at Border's Book Store or from DVNGI. Proceeds from this project go toward furthering education about domestic violence and victim assistance. The project was funded by a grant and all proceeds go directly to assisting victims.
2003 - This poem was used in the "Shattering The Silence" project presented by Channel 13 News.  The project was a continuing campaign raising awareness of Domestic Violence.  I was honored to have been part of this project.

Every nine seconds in the United States a women is beaten. Domestic Violence is the most under-reported crime in the country.  Eighty percent of the children who live in homes where domestic violence occurs witness the abuse.  On average four women are murdered every day by their male partner in the U. S.  Women in the United States are in nine times more danger in their homes than on the street.

What will You do to help End Domestic Violence?

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The Secret
There's a secret inside I've never told
And no one knows but me...
A pain I hide from those on the outside
And no one knows but me...

The shame I feel I can never reveal
And no one knows but me...
A secret I keep afraid you might see
And no one knows but me...

My face never shows the secret untold
And no one knows but me...
A hand of a friend I pray will extend
And no one knows but me... 
© Mattie Herald

In The Mirror

I stand and look at the face I see
Wondering who would ever love me.
Ghost from the past seem everywhere I go
It seems to me everyone will know

A beckoning light shines far away
Giving me hope so I won't stray
Keeping my faith and steadily tread
Don't look back-keep my eyes straight ahead

But I'm not as alone as it may seem
For now I know there are many like me
Their dreams were shattered
Their lives torn apart
For not keeping their place
Not playing their part.

Learning to like what the mirror reflects
Keep my chin up and have no regrets
For believing in me is the first step I take
Thinking first of me and never forsake

A new life to build
A new reflection to see
I'm beginning to like the new face of me

(C) Mattie Herald ~2007~

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