Saturday, May 6, 2017

Where Will You Stand In History?

I read a posting by friend of a friend and her words brought these words to mind for me. Thank you Alex Wolf…

We as women (and those enlightened men strong enough to include gender, sexual orientation, and nationality without feeling emasculated) read the following phrase so differently than the current self serving old white men in DC.  "The Preamble to the Constitution is clear as it starts "We the people, to form a "more" perfect union"; while we were a fledgling union our forefathers had the foresight to see a document need be put in place to protect future generations without regard or exception to all living breathing persons with in our borders. 

What a sad lot the elected officials have become in their execution of the law of the land. They seem to be twisting those laws to be self- serving. While you may not be the representative promoting exclusion or exception your silence solidifies your place in history.  It is time to stand up, speak out and do the jobs you were elected to do. You, ladies and gentlemen of the House and Senate, are to be the leaders, the people selected by "the people throughout the United States", selected to represent our opinions and protect us all.  Your election was to do the will of the people in the best interest of the people without bias or concern of whether you like or dislike those same people. Your bias is to never stand in the way of doing your sworn duties.

As an elected official you do not have the luxury to plaque or acquiesce, but rather you are charged with the duty of understanding the law of the land, and to follow rules that are for all not a privileged few, and that the law is applied equally. It is time “our elected officials” start acting like adults, stop fighting over whom the biggest, strongest, most liked, has more money, or more influential and work together.  It is time to show those people who voted for you they were right in having faith in you and show the rest of us their vote wasn’t misguided.  Stop trying to divide us and our nation.

At the end of the day all you truly have is your conscience and integrity or lack thereof. There is no taking any worldly possession with you no matter how hard you try.  Do you want to be remembered as the person who lead well during your life or as the person that helped to divide a nation, who cheated the American public, whose gains were gotten on the backs of the poor and who failed to protect and serve at a most crucial time, but failed to take a stand for justice? It is up to you.