Thursday, December 16, 2021

Grey's Anatomy DOA

Watching season 18 of GA has been painful, to say the least.  The writing staff seems to have lost their reasoning and sense of direction or purpose.  Season seventeen was painful, but understandable as the show was making the effort to show how Covid was affecting the nation, the hospital, and relationships. All in all, they did a fine job.

Enters season eighteen. It has been painful from the beginning. We viewers all hoped, now that the corvid writing had ended, our favorite characters would appear once more and the show would go on.  Instead, we have a tired Merideth, a shaky Amelia, and a missing Maggy.  I personally am okay Maggy is m-i-a, she has never been a favorite for me. I am struggling to try to figure out why Nick Marsh was brought back.  The most sensible match for Merideth is Dr. Cormac Hayes, played by Richard Flood. The previews for this week's show, however, suggest we may be losing both him and Dr.Owen Hunt.

Amelia has struggled with addiction since she first steps foot on Greys.  As a retired addictions counselor my view of the writing for this character needed to be researched a little more.  They keep saying she has recovered, however that isn't what has happened.  Amelia is simply a "not using". It is concerning for this writer, as recovery is much more than not using substances, it's about how the person faces their life on a daily basis. Just about the time, we think she is on the road to recovery the writing shows us she isn't. Recovery is also about taking back responsibility for that my life, and feeling good about it. Amelia's character has never truly recovered. She lives in fear every day and shares that fear with everyone.  True recovery brings confidence back to the addict. This doesn't mean the person gets cocky or arrogant, but rather the person feels capable of making daily decisions for themselves, learning to trust themselves again. She has never reached this point. She questions everything she does or says, as well as those around her.  She doesn't trust anyone really and most importantly she doesn't trust herself.

Addison, our double board-certified, confident and beautiful Addy, it was so great to hear she was making an appearance, but the actual arrival left us wondering, what was the point.  Addison's character is a great part, too bad the current writers forgot that. She and Merideth seemingly made a truce with their past, but it was so trivial we almost missed it. I was hoping Addy would have a bigger part in this season and maybe return to Grey-Sloan in a meaningful manner.  No such luck apparently.

As for Dr. Baily, besides the fact I haven't been a fan since a few episodes before they made her chief, she doesn't feel part of what is going on now.  She is still fighting to show who is boss and losing. The false relationship the writers keep tossing out there between her and Merideth is painful. She made it clear years ago she didn't like Merideth, she's been jealous of Mer since the beginning and I've seen nothing through the years that convinces me she has changed her mind.

So in conclusion, for this viewer, it is time to call it. Stop all efforts to resuscitate, the patient coded.

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