Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Smoke and Mirrors

A posting on Face Book listed different laws that had been broken. The final question "Is the list from the NBA or the NFL", then states "No it is Congress".  It would appear to this reader the post (which can also be found on Jonathan Stewart"s (Carolina Panthers) face book page) is about smoke and mirrors. If the attention can be drawn away from the connection of domestic violence and ball clubs and focused somewhere else, the problem will go away or better yet there is no problem.

Partner violence in the United States happens every day. We cannot turn a blind eye from one group to another and justify bad behavior because it isn't a bad as others.  Violence is violence no matter who is committing the violence. Ball players are in the public eye twenty-four-seven and our children look up to them as roll models.  This is not the image I want for my children or grandchildren. The law has been broken, someone was injured, under the letter of the law that is assaulted . Why are we having conversation to rationalize bad behavior? We do no one a favor here. The abuse continues and more victims are created. By taking a stand against violence regardless of who committed the violence is the we will end the violence. Until then it is still smoke and mirrors.

When you witness violence call the police, don't wait for someone to die by the hands of an abusive partner.
Don't judge the victim you aren't in her shoes and have no idea what she is going through daily.
Sometime being emotionally supportive to the victim is the only thing you can do.
Don't withdraw your support because the victim isn't doing what you want them too.
Get involved with a domestic violence program in your area and learn more ways to help.

Mattie Herald (c) 09/24/14

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