Thursday, November 30, 2017

The Power of Hate

How many times have I said, "oh I just hate that",  far too many is how many. Take a moment think of something you have said this to or about, close your eyes, now pay attention to your body as you say it out loud again. Feel the way your body reacted, your breathing, the posture of your body.  Hate has a huge impact on us not just emotionally, but physically as well. Why would I allow anything to have this much power over me?  When I hate something it consumes my thinking. I can push it aside for a moment then someone will mention that which is the object of my discomfort and I'm off again thinking and focusing on that which has become my master and made me the slave.

I remember two people in my life I swore I hated with everything in me. Yes they lived in my head all the time.  I would decide to do something and then think, what would "he" think about this and how would "he" react to my choice, my decision? I spent so much time focused on what "he" would think, even though neither of them were in my life any longer, that I became somewhat emotionally paralyzed incapable of making decisions for the worry of those conversations in my head. Something had to change.

That something was forgiveness.  Take a deep breath, it will be okay. I know many will immediately think of that person, place or thing, and the hate sets in and begins its take over thoughts.  Try for this moment to not allow that to happen. For just a moment breathe in and out allow your mind to settle for a moment.  Now what if I release that person, place or thing from my mind and say out loud "I forgive you".  The fear is I will loose control if I forgive them.  The fact is that forgiveness releases me from their hold. That very hold that has kept me from being who I really am, being my authentic self now has no more power.  Forgiveness is rarely about the other person and always about myself.

In forgive my mind is no longer consumed with that over whelming desire to get even, get revenge, to punish them.  I can now focus on what is important to me.  This forgiveness doesn't mean I forget what happened, how badly I was hurt, how horrible my life was at the time.  It does allow me to walk away from the past and the hold it had on me.

Hate is a word I rarely use these days.  I may say I really dislike something, but I longer have to be consumed with it every waking hour.  To move forward, I release and let go of that which has bound me emotionally.  We have learned to tolerate things in our lives and try to live around that which is uncomfortable and unwanted.  Today I no longer tolerate that which I do not wanted in my life.  I don't hate it, I let go of it and give it to my higher power to deal with.  May today your find the ability to let go, stop hating and begin to love the life you have and focus on what is important and not that which is past.  Stop now and start your new life. Find your authentic self and love that, nurture that, build that life.

Best regards and Namaste!

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