Friday, July 19, 2019

Division Of Our Country

I was watching a video clip and the speaker made the statement, " Our country is more divided now than it has ever been".  Really?  I concede the country is divided and we have much to mend and heal. The racial divide, gender, sexual orientation, pro-choice, left or right, Christian or not, religion in school the list goes on and on. Yet this still does not reach the level of the aforementioned statement.

Let's talk about the most divided time in our nation's history.  A mere 154 years ago, April 9, 1865, was the end of the Civil War. A war fought within our borders. A battle that took 750,000 lives, that's roughly 504 deaths a day. A clear and a greatly debated subject of who and who was not equal as human beings. The need to support a lifestyle that far too many had grown comfortable with, the idea that color divided and defined who was and who was not worthy.  Not just worthy of possessions and wealth, but of being treated with respect and dignity, to be called "human".  At that time men, women and children deemed slaves were mere property, and their treatment no better than the animals that served their owner. Oft times treatment wasn't a good as that of animals.  Step out of line, not knowing your place could bring punishment of such cruelty it defies comprehension.  Families were separated, people sold and traded like goods to be had.  Their difference measured yet further based on the depth of their skin pigmentation.  The darker their skin the less value they held.

We have the opportunity before us to decide which side of history shall we stand on. In another hundred and fifty-four years, when this time and place is discussed will people speak kindly of the condition of the human race, will the memory of you be one of those who stood and maintained the integrity by standing with the marginalized of today and walking with them in the journey of equality, of justice and of common decency. Will you be remembered as that person who held to their own moral convictions even if it meant standing alone or at least felt like you were. Every day we are watching as people of families are being pulled apart, sanctioned for their desire to live a better life, to seek refuge from tyranny, wanting only to be free and live as every human has the right to.

And while it may feel like "our country is more divided now than it has ever been"  now is the chance to speak up, speak out, march, write the countries leaders, vote for people of good conscience and moral character and assure we do not reach that level of injustice ever again.  Help to give what every human deserves, the right to be treated as a human, live with family and support their family unit.  Be the friend you would want to have, be the neighbor that is dependable, be the light at the end of a very long tunnel and most of all express love and compassion to all you meet. May the darkness that overshadows our nation at this time be released and our light of inclusiveness shine brightly.

Love is always the answer... Namaste

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