Friday, January 26, 2018

Standing In My Power

This word "power" conjures up many thoughts, ideas, and meanings. Each is relevant to the moment. We say things like "if I had the power", "he/she is power hungry", "they have all the power".  Each of those thoughts is a negative conduit to having and being less powerful.

If I had the power, I would change the world!  Guess what, you do have the power to change the world.  Each of us has this power, unfortunately too many of us are afraid of it.  We stand back and watch others exercising power and shrink where we stand too afraid to try for fear we will not be accepted, or succeed in our efforts. We only fail by not trying at all.  Every word, every motion or lack of either, makes a change in the world.

He/She is so power hungry! When we look at those with "the hunger" for power, our training in the way we think may cause us to make the hunger for power a negative quality.  What if my "hunger for power" were used in a positive manner?  What if within my power hunger the desire was to show others their possibilities of power for themselves? Being hungry for one's own truth is that hunger for power and the hunger to achieve it can be exhilarating and freeing.

They have all the power! Why would I relinquish my own power so easily? This statement immediately removes me from a position of power and places the power in another's hands. When we hide our light, our power, under a bushel and turn away from trying, again we give our power away. When I wonder what other people will think about my choices, about how I see the world, about how I lead my life, walk through my day, I am giving them more power.

Today I choose to stand in the center of my truth and breathe in my power.  I choose not to be afraid of the unknown, to not fear the what if's.  Today I claim my power, today I use my power for good, today I breathe in my power and breathe out love and kindness to help others sustain their power.  When we walk in love and the willingness to allow others to see that love and demonstrate that love even in times of adversity and doubt we are owning the power.  They no longer have the power when the power lives and breathes within me.

I challenge you to seek your power today. Find that which speaks to your heart and share it with the greatest of courage. Reach out to those around you or across the world and let the power of your light be a beacon of hope, a light shining the way, an example of possibility, the truest meaning of power.

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