Thursday, April 16, 2015

Unity, A Course In Miracles, Abraham are you Crazy?

Over the past few days I have read many articles in disagreement with "A Course In Miracles, Abraham Hicks, organizations (churches) like Unity (where I attend) just to name a few.  Many believe all of the aforementioned are no more than cults and anyone following their beliefs and teachings are simply cult members being lead around by our noses.

One such article suggests "if you can't prove it, it isn't true".  Hmmm.... the only requirement in any of these alternative beliefs is that one explore and determine for one's self what one decides to believe in.  I also notice many of those authors spewing concern and outrage at the fact I might have a different view of my own life and belief system would have me choose a "religion" based in fact and connected to a respectful and recognized sect such as Baptist, Methodist, Catholic, First Christian"... you get my point. How many can "prove" the parting of the Red Sea, the burning bush Moses spoke to when he climbed that mountain, the crippled and maimed that Jesus healed when walking among us, his resurrection?  Are these not stories, ideas, beliefs that have been written down and in some cases many years after the fact? Are we not asked by the chosen few following strict doctrines, to believe and follow only what they as faith leaders want us to believe?  That to do otherwise will surely lead us to no good end and we will burn in Hell forever. One such leader said, to follow any idea other than the laws and beliefs of organized religion is to only be a lost sheep following other lost sheep and no good can come to me or anyone who strays from this straight and narrow path which has been so carefully laid for me to follow. Okay now I am really scared.

I have to wonder just what it is that intimidates them about me thinking there might be something different or better our there for me? Could it be my wondering from the flock lessens the control they once held over me. Following my heart and how I choose to believe in a God, Higher Power, or Spirit denies them what? Being a free thinking person with her own ideas, concepts and conclusions is a risky business. Following one's own heart isn't for the timid or meek I am telling you.

For many years I looked and desired to find something that made sense to me about how I felt and believed. I could never put it all together when sitting in the pew listening to the man in front of me saying I was no good and a sinner and if I didn't stop my evil ways God would surely send a lighting bolt from above and bring me to my knees. I can tell you as a ten year old this was a pretty scary message.  Why was it that a loving caring God would want to hurt me and punish me for not obeying rather than assist me in learning a better way?  When I remember the kindness and caring with which my own earthly father treated me even when I didn't always follow the rules, to hear this leader of God tell me how bad I was just didn't resonate with what I was feeling on the inside.

A few years ago I walked through the doors of Unity of Indianapolis where I was welcomed with open arms, no judgement and invited to simply be. "BE" in a place that was filled with unconditional love, encouragement to feel good about the me I knew I was, and to share the space with others like me. To this day no one has said "no you are wrong" and every week I am encouraged to question more and to find and follow my own path to happiness and well being.  I invite anyone reading this to take a step out of the fog open your mind and follow your heart for that is where true love and peace lives.  It is the acceptance of self and understanding it is okay to be a Spirit having an human experience that makes me happy.  Much love and light to you always.

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