Saturday, April 18, 2015

What do my thoughts produce for me?

Thoughts held in mind produce like kind (Unity).  A belief I hold to and have even proven to myself is true.  One of the reasons I try to only post positive thoughts and encouragement each day.  I only want good thoughts held in my own brain.  As I am human and still think negatively from time to time, I have learned to recognize those negative thoughts sooner and switch the path to a different topic and direction.  My conscience is my guide and living to my highest good is important to me.

It occurs to me that I and others I know or have had contact with, use the cloak of humor and satire to disguise the negative thoughts that create the negative actions.  We say unkind things about others and ourselves and write it off to “it was joke” wow, just lighten up don’t take it so serious.

Age is the one that stands out most to me today.  If I were to believe all the messages media (TV commercials, posts about getting old, and the losses associated to the process) I’m not sure I would want to get up in the morning.  My two step plan is this I am skipping over as many of these posts on my FB page as I can. If one catches my eye and I do read it (sometimes I just can’t help myself-excuse for not following my plan) my step two is to think in a positive manner of what I just read.

Example: You know you are getting old when “The little old gray haired lady you helped across the street is your wife”.
 My response:  How fortunate to have a husband that cares this much for me after all these years.
We all need a chuckle now and again and to be honest I enjoy a few of these from time to time, I just don’t make them a daily diet.  I don’t let them linger in my mind to become my belief about me and my life. So as we post each day, let us try to keep the humor and thoughts at a higher level lest it drags us to the bottom.

Today’s thought held in mind:  I breathe in and feel the knowing of life and its infinite possibilities no matter my how long the road of my journey has been.

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